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Addiction Medicine

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Getting back to your best

Dr. Adams has been helping patients in their path to recovery and helping patient return to a fulfilling life without the daily burden of addiction.  Early in Dr. Adams' training at Long Beach Medical Center, she gained an interest in addiction medicine where there was an on site addiction clinic and a large population of patients with substance abuse issues.  Treating addiction as a disease, with a wide range of support gives patients the best chance of recovery.  

Opioid addiction has both physical and emotional manifestations that are very hard to overcome.  Patients in recovery from opioid addiction first must break the cycle of physical dependence before they can begin the internal psyhco-social work and the external work of rebuilding their lives.  Treatments such as Suboxone and other buprenorphine medications, can allow the individual in recovery to feel free of the cravings and physical pain that withdrawal can create.  Often within hours, the signs of physical dependence are at bay, and the real work can begin. 

Vivitrol is another option for both alcohol and opioid dependence.  This once a month injection can help curb cravings for both alcohol and opioids.  Vivitrol can be administered while the patient is tapering from alcohol use, but patients using Vivitrol for opioid addiction must first be free from physical dependency. 

Treatment protocols for the abuse of other substances are also available. 


As with all forms of substance abuse, a multidisciplinary approach is necessary for the best long term outcome for recovery.  Patients should anticipate referrals for appropriate counseling and family members are encouraged to be a member of the support team.

Addiction medicine offers patients at very high risk the tools to fight addiction and a path to recovery.  Dr. Adams and her staff find great satisfaction in helping patients not only survive addiction, but thrive in their new lives.

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